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Sorry that it has been so long since we had time to update the Blog. Of course site updates carried on as normal but due to the time required to organise new filming, update hardware and software etc., etc., the Blog updates seemed to get further and further behind.

It’s pointless trying to catch up from February as we will never get up-to-date and also for people who subscribe and receive an the update by be-mail, the volume of pictures would be far too great and so we will restart from May 1st.

Update May 1st 2014

Our fist scene featured Cynthia Vellons in her laundry room and peeing in basin rather than going back upstairs to her toilet.

Our next scene featured Vana, the last of the pretty young Mexican girls to appear from that round of filming. I would say that hers was the best of the three performances.

Cynthia Vellons featured in our final scene and we see her parking in the underground garage and then hurrying up the stairs to her flat but, too desperate to carry on, stopping to take a huge pee on the staircase.

Update May 9th 2014

Our first scene features Tiffany out walking her dog and taking a detour off the busy main street to pee beside some bins in an alley.

Next up was the first of a new series of filming from Mexico, where six girls take turns to pee and see how big a puddle they can create on the patio. First up was Hanah, who made quite a valiant effort for a first time peeing on camera.

Our final sscene featured Thelma who considerably increased the size of the puddle.

Update May 14th 2014

Our update opens with Rachel Evan’s first scene, filmed on her visit to New York in early May. We see an excited Rachel in the hotel dining room, waiting for her friend to arrive before they set out to view the sights. Rachel was so excited that she had forgotten to use the toilet before leaving her room and was desperate to pee. Rather than waste her time going back to the room she took a very risky pee into an empty drinks bottle.

Next up is Myna, the third of the new Mexican girls, attempting to enlarge the puddle ever more. Again a very good first effort at peeing on camera.

Finally, a new scene from Cynthia’s latest round of filming. Cynthia certainly is not a novice at peeing on camera and takes a spectacular pee in her garden after inadvertantly locking herself out of the house.

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With the terrible weather in Prague over the last couple of weeks, we let the girls take a brief respite from the cold to film some indoor scenes (although there a lot of new outdoors scenes coming as well)

Our first scene features Cynthia Vellons who takes a break from shopping in the mall to visit the Ladies toilet. There is only one free cubicle and it’s filthy and the flush does not work and so cynthia climbs up and squats over the toilet. Unfortunately, her aim is not too good and she ends up with more pee on the floor and toilet seat than actually ion the toilet.

Next up a really great scene from Rachel Evans whis cleaning her kitchen. She is desperate to pee but is in a silly mood and decides to pee into her cleaning bucket. She firstly climbs up on the worktop and tries a long distance pee into the bucket but is concerned about making a mess on her floor and so jumps down and takes a powerfull standing pee into her bucket. The sums up her scene by saying ” I am a crazy girl”. She may be crazy but that why we like her so much!

Finally, a cold Donna-Jo takes refuge in an internet cafe to catch up with her e-mails. When she needs to pee she heads to the toilet and manages to take a powerful pee into the toilet without flooding the floor.

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Update January 22nd 2014

Update featured Rachel Evans peeing down on to a pedestrian underpass from the bridge above followed by Donna-Jo taking a long pee down the park steps and finally Rachel driving round to the back of a warehouse and taking a spectacular arcing pee off the loading bay.

Update January 29th 2014

This week’s update opens with a scene from Donna-Jo, who is cleaning up her basement store. When she becomes desperate to pee, rather than going back up to her apartment, she spreads our one of the cleaning cloths and soaks it with pee.

Next we have something rather different, in the shape of a posing and peeing scene from international porn star Linda Rush. This is not a change of format for Projectpee, but as the weather in Budapest was too bad for our usual outdoor peeing scenes, we took the opportunity of filming four studio scenes with Linda. A lot of members have varied tastes and have asked for more explicit scenes from the girls and so we hope that everyone enjoys Linda’s scenes.

The snow has arrived in Prague later than usual and I hope won’t last too long but we have made the most of the freezing weather by filming a few “snow melting pees” from the girls as well as giving them some respite from the cold by filming some naughty indoor scenes. In this week’s scene, we see Rachel waiting for a friend in a a snow covered battlement overlooking the city. She amused herself by making some cute little miniature snow people whilst she waited and then when the cold got the better of her, took a long pee and melted an impressive patch of snow with her hot pee.

Finally, we have added a few stills from some scenes that were filmed last week and which will be appearing over the next week or two.

Some Previews

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get round to keeping the blog up to date during December due to the pressure of work at the end of the year and organising new filming for 2014. Of course the members site was updated as usual.

We will just restart with our Christmas Day update and carry on from there.

Update December 25th 2013

Our special Christmas update featured a scene from Cynthia Vellons who was decorating her Christmas tree. She didn’t want to stop to go to the toilet and so just peed in a vase that was sitting by the tree.

For our second scene we moved outdoors with Rachel Evans who likes demonstrating her athletic prowess by climbing up difficult places. This time she scaled a climbing wall to take a huge arcing pee from the top and as often happens, found getting back down more difficult than climbing up.

Finally, for Rachel’s Christmas scene, she also decorates her tree but has been to a party beforehand and has drunk a lot of Champagne which has made her both a little tipsy and desperate to pee. Despite needing to pee, Rachel was determined to carry on with the decorating until the inevitable  happened and she lost control and peed on her carpet, leaving her with cleaning job to do.

Update 1st January 2014

Our New Years Day update featured Cynthia, who had arranged to go riding with a friend. She arrived at the stables to find her friend’s car parked but the gate locked and no sign of her friend. Cynthia was desperate to pee and waited ages for her frien to appear before giving up and taking a huge pee by the stable entrance.

Next we saw Rachel returning to the parking garage after doing some last minute Christmas shopping. By the time she reaches her car she realises that she should have used the toilet before leaving the mall. She knew that she had to pee before driving all the way home and so took a risky pee at the front of her car.

Finally, we find Cynthia using the computer at a friend’s studio as her own internet connection is down. Before leaving Cynthia badly needs to pee but when she goes to the toilet, she finds a notice saying that the toilet is out of order. Fortunately, there is a shower cabinet and so Cynthia slips off her shorts and panties and squats in the shower.

Update 8th January 2014

Cynthia’s first scene was filmed just before Christmas, when a friend arrived to stay for the holidays. Her friend had driven a long way and was keen to have a warm bath. Cynthia invited her to use the bathroom, whilst Cynthia carried on tidying up the kitchen. The running water made Cynthia realise how desperate she was to pee and as her friend was still in the bath Cynthia hurried out and peed in her garden.

Staying with the theme of too many girls and not enough bathrooms, we see Rachel Evans arriving for a New Year’s visit to a friend in Amsterdam. She found her friend in her bathrobe, just about to for a bath. Rachel told her to carry on, whilst she made a cup of tea in the kitchen. As she made the tea, Rachel grew increasingly desperate. There is quite a long desperation scene, which should please the desperation fans. Even if desperation is not your favourite thing and extra minute or two of Rachel squirming in a very short skirt should still be worth watching. Either way, everyone should enjoy the pee scene after Rachel gives up waiting and uses the patio.

The holidays are over and reluctant gardener Cynthia decides that she needs to tidy up all the dead leaves on the lawn. Cynthia has a large garden but it is obvious that she is not too enthusiastic about gardening. It’s pretty cold outside and soon Cynthia is desoerate to pee. She knows that if she goes back in to the warm house, she probably won’t return to the garden and so she just takes a very long pee on a corner of her lawn.

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Firstly apologies for the long period without blog updates. We have been inundated with other work for the last month or so and have had to neglect the blog. We have been filming a lot of new scenes amongst other things, including a nice selection of scenes from two new models, Cynthia Vellons & Donna-Jo.

Update 13 th November 2013

Our first scene featured mature model Danielle, who was on a trip to the Netherlands at the beginning of this month. The weather was pretty bad and so filming in general was fairly restricted and we only filmed two scenes with Danielle. In the first scene we join Danielle at an iconic Dutch monument a windmill and see Danielle thake a rather messy pee on the steps.

Next up was the debut scene from Czech star model Donna-Jo and we see her scramble up an embankment on to a railway bridge from where she pees a torrent down on to the pavement below.

Finally, the next scene from Cynthia Vellon’s round of filming  and we see Cynthia take a spectacular pee in front of her car at an all night service station, whilst she is pretending to clean the headlights.

Update 20th November 2013

Whilst our main theme is outdoor peeing, members quite often ask for toilet scenes and so Donna-Jo features in a nice scene filmed in a Prague shopping mall. No filthy, smelly toilets here; just a very clean and pleasant Ladies room, which Donna-Jo puts to good use by taking a very long pee into the toilet.

Next up is Rachel and she does not have the luxury of a clean warm Ladies toilet in the mall and has to suffer the late afternoon cold as she pees on the suburban railway line. In response to “high squat scenes, filmed from the rear” requests, Rachel obliges by peeing from a high squatting postion filmed from a rear/side angle.

Finally we have the second scene filmed with Danielle in the Netherland and this time she pees from a bridge into one of the many drainage canals. I think that it’s Danielle’s best scene to date although as it was a very windy day more pee was splashed ver the bridge than landed directly in the canal.

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This week’s update opens with a nice scene from Sam, who has left home withour her keys and returns desperate to pee. She hopes that her neighbours will not see her peeing on the front steps.

Next the first of two great scenes from Rachel, who we find taking some pictures down by the river. Desperate to pee, Rachel drops her trousers and panties and pees a spectacular arc into the fast flowing water.

Next we catch up with Rachel on a weekend visit to Germany wher we see her take a risky and cheeky pee on the steps of a small office building.

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This week’s update got undereway with an autumnal scene from Sam, who stopped to pee by a tree on her way home from a bar.

Next up was the first of two fantastic scenes from Rachel and we see her arriving  to start party preparations at a hall she and her friends had hired. Rachel had brought the wrong keys and was unbable to get in to the hall and beeing desperate to pee had to pee on the footpath.

Finally, very cheeky and daring pee from Rachel, filmed on a trip to Germany. She needed to pee and so just strolled into a vehicle depot and peed beside a parked van.

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We opened he update with the last scene filmed with Danielle in Prague and we see her stop her car to take a pee break by the roadside. We engaged Danielle in response to requests for more scences with mature ladies and also for “voyeur” style filming. We have not had much feedback regarding Danielle but if you do want to see more clips from her, let us know.

Next up, a great scene from Rachel, filmed by the river bank. We see Rachel taking a huge arcing pee from a fallen log.

Finally, a return appearance from pretty Mexican girl Tifany, who demonstrates that she do great squatting pees as well as stand ups.

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This week we opened with the second of three scenes filmed with Czech amateur mature model Danielle and we see her taking a pee by the closed gates of the park

Next another spectacular pee from Rachel who was out cycling to keep her figure in top shape. we see her taking a break in order to taka a forceful pee on the pathway. In response to numerous requests ths is a standing pee.

Also standing, but this time filmed in Mexico, we have the welcome return of pretty Tifany, who takes an elegant pee on thyer patio.

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Sorry, I diodn’t have a chance to uipdate the Blog last week and so I have just combined the two updates.

September 11th 2013

We started off with a debut scene from another new Mexican girl Diana and saw her taking a forceful pee on the patio.

Next was a  daring pee from very desperate Rachel who made an emergency stop and peed a flood by the door of her car, leaving one on the biggest pee patches we have seen for a long time.

Final regular scene was Sam taking a typically long and powerful pee on a country road.

As a bonus we added a scene from Pee Devil 2, a movie series that we distributed for a small producer. He has not released any new titles for ages, despite having dozens of movies filmed, which could be released. PD 2 was a very popular movie and the Pee Devil series is still available from our DVD and Download shops. We hope that renewed intererest in the older titles might persuade the producer to release some new titles.

September 18th 2013

We opened with a new scene from our mature model Danielle, which is  filmed in the “voyeur” style asnd we see her out walking by the river and stopping to take a pee on the rocks, after which she washes her hands in the river.

Staying with the country them we see a very athletic Rachel out walking. Rachel works hard to keep her figure in perfect shape. She is desperate to pee and stops to take a very long and very forceful pee from a low wall on to the pathway and leaves another record wet patch on the tarmac.

Finally, Adison returns to demonstrate her peeing ability by taking a very long pee on the patio, leaving a gleaming pee pool on the tiled surface.

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