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Sorry that there has bee a long gap in posting any blog updates but we have been overwhelmed with other things and once a large gap appeared in the blog updates it seemed pointless to restart posting news of the weekly updates.

However, there is a major change to the Projectpee website coming over the next very short period of time.

As regular readers will know we have been considering switching from a monthy recurring membership model to a CLIPS FOR SALE format. This has been on the cards for years and we have even had polls and discussions about it. However time passes so quickly that nothing much was done about it until now.

We believe that the monthly recurring membership model has been outdated for some time and that members (free registration) would prefer to pick and choose whatever clips they want to buy rather than just be served up with a weekly selection of our choice. Ironically, when Projectpee was launched in 2001, an “only buy the clips you want” model was my preferred option but at that time shopping cart software was not available and so we followed the market practice of the time and opted for a monthly membership model.

It’s now seven years since the site had a major overhaul and redesign and also it requires a move to a new server as the present one is getting past it’s best and so, as major work is required anyway, this seems the optimum time to change the format, modernise the site and upgrade to a much faster server.

We have not finalised the layout but we will be adding a very substantial number of clips to the new site immediately and thereafter regularly updating the clips available. As well as the most recent filming we will be upgrading all the clips previously available from the Projectpee members area to full 1080 HD (which is what they were filmed in) resolution.

Depending on interest we may also upgrade some of the earlier material, which was removed from the members area a long time ago. This material was filmed in very good quality/resolution but because of limitations on file size and download time in those days were reduced to small size mpeg or avi format.

There are quite a few other options in mind and in short we hope that we can make the Projectpee website the interesting and exciting site that is was in days gone by. Initially the intention is to offer the clips only in high resolution MP4 format but if anyone is interested in streaming movies for mobile devices or other formats please let us know and we will be pleased to offer other options.

Current members need not do anything. We will cancel their subscriptions and they will cease to be billed by CC Bill. We will adjust any payments to ensure that no one is out of pocket as a result of the changes.

The site url will not change and DVDs will still be available from www.pjpee-video.com and Downloadable Full movies from www.pjpee-media.com

We will update the blog to keep everyone update with the changes. Mail me at admin@pjpee-video.com

if you have any questions or problems.


UPDATE 25th June 2015

We have set the changeover date to 1st July 2015 and so there will be no update to the current Projectpee site this week.The new site should be live and on-line on Wednesday. but it is a big move and a big change of format and so please bear with us during the changeover period.


Update 29th June 2015

Sorry, in the last update I said that the new site should be up on running on Monday, when I should have said Wednesday 1st July. Reformatting of the clips and uploading to the new server is going pretty well but actually getting accustomed to the new interface and making a working site is a little harder going. As our mail has also been transferred to a new server, there was quite a lot of downtime as the transfer took place. Visitors to the Projectpee site are now being directed straight here as despite all the messages saying that no new memberships would be sold, we were still getting sign-ups, which we had to cancel and void the payment transaction. Probably the first time we have complained about making membership sales. The hosting company will be taking the old server offline in any case and so we did not want there to be “not found” messages showing. We have been cancelling memberships and so if you have missed all the previous posts and were surprised to receive a mail from CC Bill saying that your subscription has been cancelled. We hope to make rather better progress tomorrow on the new site and will post progress reports here as we go along.

Update 3rd July 2015

Uploading the content to the new server is going well. The upload speed is multiples of the upload spead that we could achieve with the old server. That means that there will be plenty of clips to choose from when we switch to live.

Needless to say, I seriously underestimated the time it was going to take to understand the new interface and add all the new features. All clips will be uploaded in full 1920×1080 HD and be available to download in that full resolution or in a couple of lower resolutions for those who wish. Download speed will of course depend on your internet connections but we are 100% sure that customers will notice a huge difference in download speeds from those delivered by the old server. There should be a function to stream movies to mobile devices for the “young generation” who like their entertainment on demand and on the move.

We could go live today but as the weekend is looming, we would rather spend a little more time tidying up and testing and switch over at the beginning of next week

Needless to say we are very excited about the changes, which have been a long time coming. We think that the whole set up is just much more up-to-date and we hope more in line with the expectations of today’s customers. Once the initial nightmare is over we hope that the new set-up will also be a major time and stress saver for us as the whole hosting and site operation will be handled by the same company. This takes away a lot of the worry we had if there were issues with server or site performance and different people being responsible for the background operation of the server to those who knew anything about the actual site. This should mean more time to concentrate on the quality and variety of content.

Update 6th July 2015

I have put in the request to point the http://www.projectpee.com domain to the new site and so at some point over the next few hours, clicking on Projectpee should take you directly to the new site.

There is still a vast amount of content to be added to the new site but we are uploading and creating pages as quickly as possible. The content available so far includes new scenes not previously available mixed with scenes which have been released previously. The selection is fairly random at the moment as we don’t want to have page upon page of the same model but there is a search function and so you can select a model and view all her scenes (well eventually all her scenes, at the moment just the ones that have been processed so far).

The same file naming protocol is in use as before; with the first three digits being the model’s reference and the final three being the order of filming (but not always release).

Even after the url takes you direct to the new site, we will keep updating the blog with news etc., and if you have problems or questions you can contact us at the blog or mail me at admin@pjpee-video.com


We open with a very daring scvene from lovely Ling, who decides to pop into a small office building and pee on the staircase.

Our second case introduces Topaz, a new amateur model from Mexico, who seems to be in a big hurry to make her on-camera peeing debut.

Finally, an atmospheric scene from Rachel Evans. We see Rachel exploring the old city at dusk and taking a long pee from and ancient stone stairway.

All movies are in full HD 1080

Download the latest Projectpee movies now.

Update 24th September 2014

We open this update with the debut scene from great new Hungarian model Linda Ray and see her peeing and posing in the woods near Budapest.

Next up is Cynthia Vellons taking a naughty and rather mess pee into the sink of the Gents toilet.

Last but not least Rachel Evans peeing by the side of her car whilst on a trip to the Netherlands

Update 1st October 2014

We start with a very daring scene from Ling, who pees in a doorway by the busy canal side. The preview still don’t show it but there are people walking only a few feet away.

Next we have the second scene from cute Linda Ray and this time she takes a very public pee close to a main road. Again the previews don’t show it but there is traffic passing at regular intervals.

Finally, we return to Cynthia Vellons and see her take a very long pee in her office bucket.

Update 8th October 2014

We open with a scene from Rachel Evans, whom we see preparing vegetables in her friend’s house whilst the friend is in the shower. Rachel is desperate to pee and cannot wait for her friend to finish in the bathroom and so pos out and takes a pee on the patio.

Next another wild scene from Ling who pees in the entrance to a clothing shop. She pees such a long hard arc that the pee hits the window and cascades down the glass.

In the last scene we see Linda Ray out on a car journey and growing increasingly desperate to pee. When she can wait no longer, they stop and Linda takes a much-need pee at a roadside stop, taking no heed of the people in the near vicinity.

Update 15th October 2014

We open with a nice scene from Cynthia Vellons, whio is out walking on the outskirts of Prague. She is desperate to pee and although the area appears deserted, there are a lot of people out walking their dogs and who keep appearing just at the wrong moment. Cynthia has an uncomfotable wait before she car finally take a huge arcing pee on the pathway.

Next we rejoin Linda Ray out in the countryside near Budapest. She pauses for a  few moments to allow the viewers to admire her slim figure before taking a very impressive pee.

Our final scene introduces Rosa, a pretty young Mexican amateur model, who takes her first on-camera pee on the kitchen floor.

Download the latest Projectpee movies now (allFull HD 1080)

We open this week’s update with a nice scene from Rachel Evans, who takes a long pee in a pedestrian underpass.

Next up is Cynthia Vellons, who we see in her bathroom cleaning her teeth prior to dressing to go out. She is desperate to pee but keeps fidgeting and brushing her teeth until she can wait no longer and dives in to her shower cabinet to taske a long pee into the drain.

Finally, Donna-Jo returns after a few weeks filming overseas and we see her taking a very impressive pee down a flight of steps.


Download the latest Projectpee movies now.

Just a quick reminder that all the update move clips are now in full 1920×1080 HD format .mkv files. We have used the .mkv format for some time and also ways upgrade the codecs to the latest version as new ones become available. If anyone is having issues playing our newest movies, usually sound but no picture, this is easily remedied by down loading the latest version of the DivX player, which is available free from www.divx.com


Update 27th August 2014

This update opens with a scene from Ling, who takes a typically daring pee in the middle of the pavement outside an electrical goods shop.

Next up is a very public scene from Cynthia Vellons, who takes a pee in the bushes by the side of a very busy city road.

For our final scene, we return to Ling, who demonstrates her dislike of bicycles by peeing all over a bike which is chained up outside a shop.

Update 3rd September 2014

Our first scene features Cynthia Vellons and this time she is in her hotel room getting ready to go out and has to rush to the toilet for an overdue pee. In her hurry, she manages to splash pee all over the toilet and floor.

Next we have Ling in an often requested scene of a girl peeing in a phone box. In this instance, the phone is out-of-order waiting for repair but the location is right on the platform of a busy suburban station and so a very public and risky place.

Finally another scene which we get regular requests for but feature very infrequently as “wetting” scenes are not really what Projectpee advertises. However, we understand that a proportion of our members like both regular peeing and wetting scenes and so we hope that you enjoy this occasional departure from our regular scenes, especially as Cynthia Vellons makes her trousers extremely wet.

Update 10th September 2014

Our first scene features Rachel Evans, who is on a visit to the Netherlands and we see Rachel taking a very naughty pee from a motorway bridge on to the traffic thundering past.

Our second scene features Ling, looking very hot in her red dress and shoes, taking a very brazen public pee outside a supermarket in a shopping precinct. You can see in the film how close she came to being caught by passers by.

For our final scene Cynthia Vellons picks a more tranquil location and we see her take an impressive gush pee on a woodland path.

Download the latest Projecpee movies now.

Firstly our thanks again to all members for their patience during the time that the Members are of the site was out of action. We are still restoring the 0lder archive content and taking the opportunity to slim down the site by removing the zip files of still lifts. We have been monitoring downloads of these zips for years and seen interest in them drop to zero.

We have also  increased the resolution of our new releases to 1920 x 1080 and by using the latest codecs have managed to do so without increasing the file sizes. We would remind any members, who find problems playing any of these movies  that they need to download the latest version of the DivX player, which is available Free of Charge from www.divx.com

We do not recommend adding codecs to Media Player etc., in order to play the movies as many codec packs are distributed from dubious sources and could contain malware or adware. Much safer to use the DivX player, which is from the makers of the software we use to create the files.

Update 13th August 2014

We open with a nice scene from Rachel, who is topping up her sun tan in the tanning parlour and has been drinking a lot of water to keep cool. Of course she becomes desperate to pee and so fills up one of her empty drinking bottles and leaves it in the tanning booth. Perhaps the next customer will mistake the bottle for drinking water.

Next a scene from Ling’s latest round of filming. Ling always starts with a fairly low key scene and then gets more daring and naughty as the shoot progresses. For rear-view fans, Ling takes a long pee from the top of a short flight of steps.

Our closing scene is the penultimate scene from our round of filming with six Mexican girls, who apart from regular Nicole, have never attempted to pee on camera before.

Update 20th August 2014

We open with an unusual scene from Rachel, who decides to imitate her dog’s peeing style. We have been asked for this type of scene many times in the past and when we mentioned it to Rachel, she said “no problem”.  In any case, Rachel’s huge arc of pee into the river was inpressive by any standards.

Our next scene is the finale of the Mexican series as the last of the girls makes her pee debut.

Ling has moved into daring mode for our final scene from this update. It’s difficult to show how busy an area is without filming a lot of footage of people walking around, which is not really what members are paying to see(and also attracts a lot of unwanted attention). However the area where Ling filmed was filmed peeing a big arc on to the pavement from a doorway was fairly busy and she finished with seconds to spare before people walked through the river of pee running down the pavement.



Download the latest Projectpee movies now.

Members Area Of Site Is Now On-Line Again

I am pleased to advise that the Members are of the Projectpee website is now open for business again at at 20th August 2014  and I would like to thank all members for their patience during the repair process.

We have been replacing files in reverse order in order that the most recent material is available first. There will be a few gaps as the upload process does not always upload the files in exact order. We will are monitoring the process and if in the next few days, you are still getting “Not Found” mesages on some of the recent files, there is no need to let us know as we will be carching up with these. However, if at a later date you find missing downloads, please just let us know, either by replying to this post or mailing us at  admin@pjpee-video.com

It will still be a day or two before all the older cases come on line again and so please don’t message about older content being unavailable until after the full upload has been completed.

The restore and upgrade process involved replacing all the members access files from the CC Bill System and from our own protection software and as far as we can see all the member records have been updated correctly but if you are a current member and your log-in credentials are being refused please contact us right away on admin@pjpee-video.com and we will investigate and rectify the problem.


The current problem with the website has reminded us of the value of the Blog in being able to communicate with members and potential members more quickly than by posting messages on the mail Projectpee website and so we would encourage all members to check the Blog for information if they ever encounter problems. Whilst we would post advance warning of things like server transfers that might result in downtime on the PJP site, these posts can be missed and so you can always find out what’s happening by checking the blog.


Whilst I am wrting this I will take the opportunity to update you all on a few other things. It is our intention to discontinue adding zips of still lifts to the weekly updates and in due course remove the existing zip files from the server. For years now, there have been almost no downloads of the stills and so there seems little or no point in cluttering up the server with unwanted material. Of course, there will be preview pictures on the site and also a selection of lifts available from the blog.

Several years ago we took a poll on this blog as to whether customers would prefer to continue with a monthly membership format or switch to a system allowing the purchase of individual clips. The result was around 50/50, with quite a few people opting for both formats to be available. We have now decided that we will be opening a new dedicated site offering individual clips and scenes for purchase and immediate download. In the immediate term, this will NOT be a replacement for the membership site. We anticipate that we may offer some scenes that will be part of current updates  as well as older scenes remastered into the latest HD format and some alternative scenes that will not be available in the Members are of the site. More details will be available as soon as we have news.

We are also looking at a revamp of PJPee-media.com, our full movie download shop, with the intention of making the purchasing and downloading experience more user-friendly for customers.

Once again, a big thanks to all members for their patience during the period of down-time.


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