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We added seven new Archive scenes to the Projectpee shop over the weekend. These scenes were all from a shoot with Salma & Lucia at the end of 2011 and were previously released in lower resolution on the former membership site. Six of the scenes are Lucia solos and one is a very hot duet with both Salma & Lucia. Theey are now available in full 1080 HD. The automatic preview lifts on the site are actually okay but we have added some better resolution lifts above. The full descriptions are on the Projectpee site and so we won’t duplicate them here.



As our new Pay-per-Download shop which replaced the Projectpee membership site is on a standard platform we realise that there are some shortcomings. One issue is that we cannot alter the order in which files are displayed. In an ideal situation, we would display the files in the order in which they were originally released with the newest at the top of the list and all the top of the list updates all being brand new material. As this is not possible, we have been able to divide the site into “Latest Filming” and Archives. Obviously everything in the archives section has been released previously.

Another issue is that the automatically generated preview pictures are often vague and give very little detail of the content of the movie clip. Some only show a bit of path or tree, etc.

To address this from the next batch of uploads onwards we will update the blog with some preview pictures at the same time as we add content to the site. This should give customers a better idea of the content of clips on offer.

Any other suggstions that would make the site more user friendly are very welcome.

Today we added a batch of clips to our Archives Section. These clips were filmed in Berlin in 2010 and feature two German models Jesse & Jin.

We have been asked by several previous members if we will be re-releasing all of the original material from the Projectpee site that was removed in stages over the years. At this time the answer is that it is unlikely that we will re-upload any of the pre HD filming or indeed all of the previous content, as the clips would all have to be re-rendered in the best possible footage and this is just not practicable for maybe a handful of sales.

However, none of the older footage is “lost forever” as it is all availble in DVD quality from our on-line DVD store and downloadable full movies are available from our other store PJPee-Media

We know that with such a wide variety of tastes and preferences, we cannot please everyone all the time but if you leave a message with suggestions or complaints, we will take these on board and try to offer all customers something to their liking.

The new site has been running for a few weeks now and is slowly (very slowly) being filled up with content. One issue we had initally was that we were unable to re-order the files to keep the most recent material to the first pages with the content going back in time on the following pages, much as was the case on the previous membership site. With hindsight, we should have started uploading the older content in the order it was released months ago in order that every update from here on in was new material.

A partial solution was arranged whereby there are three buttons “All” “Archives” and “Latest Filming”. It’s not a perfect solution but as we don’t have time machine to go back a few months and start uploading, it’s the best we can do for now.

There is a lot of new unreleased material but I am reluctant to upload it immediately as, although it will appear  in the first pages of the “Lastest Filming” section, it will be pushed away down the “All” and “Updates” categories by the back catalogue that we are uploading.

A customer also asked “why we had altered all the release dates on the movies”. We didn’t, the system did and in a strange way I don’t understand. Obviously, unless there was a facility to enter the release date of the older material, the new site software would have no way of knowing, particularly as all the files had to be re-encoded as MP4  to match the content delivery system and are in fact “brand new”. I understand that files would show the date of release on the new site, but as none were uploaded until late June 2015, why there are dates showing previous to that, I have no idea.

In effect, as far as the Archives and even Latest Filming dates are concerned, they have no relevance. As a general rule ALL files in the Archives section will have been previously released in the Members section of the old membership site. I have been trying to remember to add a note to that effect on them all, but whether or not I have added the note or not, everything in the Archives section will have been released previously but in most cases in a much lower resolution. Some of the titles will give an indication of the original release date.

Regarding the Latest Filming, we will probably include material filmed over the past 12 months (or at least this year) in that category. I will however clearly indicate which files have never been released on the Projectpee membership site.

A former member mailed asking if we would be releasing any of the first 600 or so files, removed in the first cull of the site many years ago, in full HD. The answer to the full HD question is NO. These files were not filmed in HD and so without the resources of Disney Studios cannot be released in higher definition than the original footage. We could release them in the full definition that they were filmed in but I cannot see that interest would be sufficient to justify the huge amount of work involved. In any case all the footage from day one is available in DVD resolution or as downloadable movies in full DivX quality from our online shops www.pjpee-video.com & www.pjpee-media.com

Finally, we have taken quite a few lifts from the latest unreleased footage that will be appearing soon and will post these on this blog as soon as we have a moment.

The new version of the Projectpee has now been in operation for several days and is working fine.

Uploading the files has been very quick and efficient but we did greatly underestimate the time it would take to “tick all the boxes” etc., on the new interface in order to display the files and so as of today there is only around 50 scenes available to purchase and download but the updating process will continue as quickly as possible and eventually there will be in excess of 1,000 files available.

As I have had a couple of mails from previous members asking about the content “being old or new”, I thought that I should clarify. There is a mixture of material  and most, but not all, of the material being put on offer has previously appeared in the Members area of the former site. There is no longer a membership option for the site and so previous members and new customers will have the same opportunity to browse all the content. As there is no membership fee, anyone can buy whichever clips they want. Obviously, a recents member of the old site are unlikely to wish to purchase another version of the clip which they downloaded in April or May. However, there is a lot of unreleased material in stock and and we will be making more and more of the new scenes available as the updating proceeds. We hope that by allowing customers to select the scenes they want, we will have a clearer idea of which models are the most popular and which scenes are preferred and this will allow us to tailor future production to match demand.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please mail me at admin@pjpee-video.com

Please note that DVDs are still available as before from www.pjpee-video.com and downloadable versions of the movies from www.pjpee-media.com

Some (long-overdue) new titles will be available very soon.


Sorry that there has bee a long gap in posting any blog updates but we have been overwhelmed with other things and once a large gap appeared in the blog updates it seemed pointless to restart posting news of the weekly updates.

However, there is a major change to the Projectpee website coming over the next very short period of time.

As regular readers will know we have been considering switching from a monthy recurring membership model to a CLIPS FOR SALE format. This has been on the cards for years and we have even had polls and discussions about it. However time passes so quickly that nothing much was done about it until now.

We believe that the monthly recurring membership model has been outdated for some time and that members (free registration) would prefer to pick and choose whatever clips they want to buy rather than just be served up with a weekly selection of our choice. Ironically, when Projectpee was launched in 2001, an “only buy the clips you want” model was my preferred option but at that time shopping cart software was not available and so we followed the market practice of the time and opted for a monthly membership model.

It’s now seven years since the site had a major overhaul and redesign and also it requires a move to a new server as the present one is getting past it’s best and so, as major work is required anyway, this seems the optimum time to change the format, modernise the site and upgrade to a much faster server.

We have not finalised the layout but we will be adding a very substantial number of clips to the new site immediately and thereafter regularly updating the clips available. As well as the most recent filming we will be upgrading all the clips previously available from the Projectpee members area to full 1080 HD (which is what they were filmed in) resolution.

Depending on interest we may also upgrade some of the earlier material, which was removed from the members area a long time ago. This material was filmed in very good quality/resolution but because of limitations on file size and download time in those days were reduced to small size mpeg or avi format.

There are quite a few other options in mind and in short we hope that we can make the Projectpee website the interesting and exciting site that is was in days gone by. Initially the intention is to offer the clips only in high resolution MP4 format but if anyone is interested in streaming movies for mobile devices or other formats please let us know and we will be pleased to offer other options.

Current members need not do anything. We will cancel their subscriptions and they will cease to be billed by CC Bill. We will adjust any payments to ensure that no one is out of pocket as a result of the changes.

The site url will not change and DVDs will still be available from www.pjpee-video.com and Downloadable Full movies from www.pjpee-media.com

We will update the blog to keep everyone update with the changes. Mail me at admin@pjpee-video.com

if you have any questions or problems.


UPDATE 25th June 2015

We have set the changeover date to 1st July 2015 and so there will be no update to the current Projectpee site this week.The new site should be live and on-line on Wednesday. but it is a big move and a big change of format and so please bear with us during the changeover period.


Update 29th June 2015

Sorry, in the last update I said that the new site should be up on running on Monday, when I should have said Wednesday 1st July. Reformatting of the clips and uploading to the new server is going pretty well but actually getting accustomed to the new interface and making a working site is a little harder going. As our mail has also been transferred to a new server, there was quite a lot of downtime as the transfer took place. Visitors to the Projectpee site are now being directed straight here as despite all the messages saying that no new memberships would be sold, we were still getting sign-ups, which we had to cancel and void the payment transaction. Probably the first time we have complained about making membership sales. The hosting company will be taking the old server offline in any case and so we did not want there to be “not found” messages showing. We have been cancelling memberships and so if you have missed all the previous posts and were surprised to receive a mail from CC Bill saying that your subscription has been cancelled. We hope to make rather better progress tomorrow on the new site and will post progress reports here as we go along.

Update 3rd July 2015

Uploading the content to the new server is going well. The upload speed is multiples of the upload spead that we could achieve with the old server. That means that there will be plenty of clips to choose from when we switch to live.

Needless to say, I seriously underestimated the time it was going to take to understand the new interface and add all the new features. All clips will be uploaded in full 1920×1080 HD and be available to download in that full resolution or in a couple of lower resolutions for those who wish. Download speed will of course depend on your internet connections but we are 100% sure that customers will notice a huge difference in download speeds from those delivered by the old server. There should be a function to stream movies to mobile devices for the “young generation” who like their entertainment on demand and on the move.

We could go live today but as the weekend is looming, we would rather spend a little more time tidying up and testing and switch over at the beginning of next week

Needless to say we are very excited about the changes, which have been a long time coming. We think that the whole set up is just much more up-to-date and we hope more in line with the expectations of today’s customers. Once the initial nightmare is over we hope that the new set-up will also be a major time and stress saver for us as the whole hosting and site operation will be handled by the same company. This takes away a lot of the worry we had if there were issues with server or site performance and different people being responsible for the background operation of the server to those who knew anything about the actual site. This should mean more time to concentrate on the quality and variety of content.

Update 6th July 2015

I have put in the request to point the http://www.projectpee.com domain to the new site and so at some point over the next few hours, clicking on Projectpee should take you directly to the new site.

There is still a vast amount of content to be added to the new site but we are uploading and creating pages as quickly as possible. The content available so far includes new scenes not previously available mixed with scenes which have been released previously. The selection is fairly random at the moment as we don’t want to have page upon page of the same model but there is a search function and so you can select a model and view all her scenes (well eventually all her scenes, at the moment just the ones that have been processed so far).

The same file naming protocol is in use as before; with the first three digits being the model’s reference and the final three being the order of filming (but not always release).

Even after the url takes you direct to the new site, we will keep updating the blog with news etc., and if you have problems or questions you can contact us at the blog or mail me at admin@pjpee-video.com


Update 7th July 2015

The http://www.projectpee.com domain is now pointed to the new site. If you have arrived here after clicking http://www.projectpee.com, you probably have a cached page. Refreshing you browser should take you direct to the new site. Although we have uploaded several hundred files to the new site, only around 40 are visible at the moment as we have to enter all the details of the clips into the system. The payment system has not been activated yet and so you won’t actually be able to buy anything at the moment. Once we are sure that everything is working on the content delivery side, we will turn on the payment gateway. We will be adding files to the shop on a daily basis until such time as all the HD content is available. This will include all the files were removed during the periodic “culls” that we undertook to keep the available content within manageable levels. All content will be available in full 1080 resolution, regardless of what resolution it was originally released on. Content uploaded will include new, unreleased footage as well as footage previously released on the members area of Projectpee.

Although transferring sites and content has been and will no doubt continue to be a nightmare job for some time, we are confident that we will eventually have a much more managable site and a better idea of what sort of scenarios customers actually prefer.

Because we are uploading so much content at the moment, we are not going to bombard the blog with details of which clips have been put on line at 20 minute intervals but we do intent to try to be more proactive in keeping the blog more up-to-date than we have been over the last eight months or so.



We open with a very daring scvene from lovely Ling, who decides to pop into a small office building and pee on the staircase.

Our second case introduces Topaz, a new amateur model from Mexico, who seems to be in a big hurry to make her on-camera peeing debut.

Finally, an atmospheric scene from Rachel Evans. We see Rachel exploring the old city at dusk and taking a long pee from and ancient stone stairway.

All movies are in full HD 1080

Download the latest Projectpee movies now.

Update 24th September 2014

We open this update with the debut scene from great new Hungarian model Linda Ray and see her peeing and posing in the woods near Budapest.

Next up is Cynthia Vellons taking a naughty and rather mess pee into the sink of the Gents toilet.

Last but not least Rachel Evans peeing by the side of her car whilst on a trip to the Netherlands

Update 1st October 2014

We start with a very daring scene from Ling, who pees in a doorway by the busy canal side. The preview still don’t show it but there are people walking only a few feet away.

Next we have the second scene from cute Linda Ray and this time she takes a very public pee close to a main road. Again the previews don’t show it but there is traffic passing at regular intervals.

Finally, we return to Cynthia Vellons and see her take a very long pee in her office bucket.

Update 8th October 2014

We open with a scene from Rachel Evans, whom we see preparing vegetables in her friend’s house whilst the friend is in the shower. Rachel is desperate to pee and cannot wait for her friend to finish in the bathroom and so pos out and takes a pee on the patio.

Next another wild scene from Ling who pees in the entrance to a clothing shop. She pees such a long hard arc that the pee hits the window and cascades down the glass.

In the last scene we see Linda Ray out on a car journey and growing increasingly desperate to pee. When she can wait no longer, they stop and Linda takes a much-need pee at a roadside stop, taking no heed of the people in the near vicinity.

Update 15th October 2014

We open with a nice scene from Cynthia Vellons, whio is out walking on the outskirts of Prague. She is desperate to pee and although the area appears deserted, there are a lot of people out walking their dogs and who keep appearing just at the wrong moment. Cynthia has an uncomfotable wait before she car finally take a huge arcing pee on the pathway.

Next we rejoin Linda Ray out in the countryside near Budapest. She pauses for a  few moments to allow the viewers to admire her slim figure before taking a very impressive pee.

Our final scene introduces Rosa, a pretty young Mexican amateur model, who takes her first on-camera pee on the kitchen floor.

Download the latest Projectpee movies now (allFull HD 1080)

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